About This Temple

“One of Gunma’s Top 100 Landmarks”
Kiryu: Nichijojizo Kannon-in (commonly known as “Ojizo-sama”)

The 24th of every month is a busy day for Jizo. On days other than the fair, prayers are held every day without the smoke of incense sticking from worshipers from the temple, attracting the faith of many people.

The lush precincts change the color every season and welcome people who come to worship.

Please go out.

pilgrim’s hymnSuwa-san Kannon-in Noman-ji
MantraOn arorikya sowaka
Founder Hikobei Iwasaki
Creation 1644
Pilgrim’s hymnMorobitono Negaiwoshikato Noumanno Hukakichikaiini Taenukoen


A long long time ago, there was a tetitle factory where many apperentices worked until late night every day. This facory had strange trouble.A rumor was going about that there was a skin head hobgoblin watching the inside of the factory from the window and the appentices there were scared of the creature.One night, a master of the factory shot the hobgoblin with a gun. He had confidence that he really shot and killed it however, there was nothing at the scene. He did not sleep well that night, and waited for dawn. The next morning, he found that there were marks of blood on the ground. He followed the traces of blood, and the traces disappeared at the entrance of Kannonin. Another night after that strange occurrence, Ojizo sama appered in the master’s dream and said ” I was standing outside of the factory to protect people working there every night. I am now standing in the wilderness, so there is no faith from the public. To protect many people in the world , I need a temple, and if you pray on a certain day, your desire will come true.” The master immediately told this story to people in the village and collected donations. He erected a temple and moved Ojizo sama in from the wilderness, and held bigorous Buddhist services and devotions. It was mysterious that there was a gunshot mark on Ojizo sama’s shoulder. The grace of Ojizo sama can be gained by everyone who truly believes in Ojizo sama seriously.


On the 24th day of every month, you can get GOSYUIN that can only be requested on the day of the fair. In search of this GOSYUIN, it is crowded with many people on the day. There is also an original GOSYUIN BOOK designed with tin cane and hoju, and you can choose from 4 types.