Temple Hotel Kannon-in
for only one group a day

Reopened after renovation
since October 2021

Feel the flow of time with your skin.

Temple Hotel

Temple Hotel Kannon-in was opened in October of 2019.

On the 24th of every month, this temple crowded with fair days will become Kiryu's hub and an entrance to people who have never visited Kiryu.

Fusion of Japanese traditional beauty and the current manufacturing of Kiryu

Coordination in the guest rooms is handled by “small”, a group which continues activities that connect Kiryu's life and town. Based on the theme of TEXTILE & CRAFT, we have collaborated with Kiryu's seasonal brands and creators who have a spirit of manufacturing.

About Temple Hotel

About Higiri-jizoson Kannon-in


Kannon-in is a Buddhist temple of Shingon sect.

It is the 10th sacred place in the Kanto 88th place and the 5rd place in the 33rd place of the Joshu Kannon sacred place, and many people come to visit.

In addition, many people from all over the country come for "GOSYUIN"

Kanto's 88th place cemetery 10th place

Kannon-in is a temple with a history of more than 370 years since its opening in 1644.The main sanctuary is the Holy Kanseon.
On the 24th of every month, a fair is held, and visitors come from various places.The precincts include the Jizo Hall, the Belfry Hall, the Binzuru Prestige Hall, which heals when the bad places are boiled, and the Ryojin Shrine, which enshrines the god of eyes and teeth, the great Myojin and the child-giving god Kinsei Dai Myojin.

About Kannon-in

Culture of the water

The Water

In opening the hotel, we were aware of “the water”.

There is "Mizuya" on the approach, so first of all purify.

And in the courtyard you can hear the sound of water dripping from the bamboo and sharpen your heart.

Space brought by the water

The ORI has an open-air bath, and the water in the guest rooms is unified with the INAX brand, which values ​​the culture of water.The bathroom in the dining room has a different design from the other rooms, creating a Japanese modern space and creating a cozy space where you can live longer.

Love local, Excite local


Various businesses that love the local community participate in this Temple Hotel Kannon-in as partners.

Love and nurture the area.As the temple once became a regional hub, we will practice the form of a modern hub.

Partners inside and outside the region

Businesses from the Kiryu area gather to shape the future of Temple Hotel Kannon-in.Not only local partners, but partners who feel attractive and gather here.
The world where the partners gather will form a new temple community.

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