Zen Meditation

Zazen is the basic practice of Zen Buddhism, in which you sit with correct posture, regulate your breathing, and stabilize your mind. At first, it may be difficult, but you will soon be able to concentrate. Come experience the true joy of Zen, where you can gain awareness through calming your mind.

Date: Open any day
Place: Daitaiji Meditation Hall
Period of time: About 1 hour (30-minute program is also available for those with children)
Participation fee: ¥1,000

Buddha Statue Tour

In the Yakushi hall of Daitaiji, there are Buddhist statues from the ancient Heian, Kamakura, Muromachi, and Edo periods. We will introduce the stories and the background behind each statues’ creation on the tour.

Date: Open any day
Place: Yakushi Hall (in Daitaiji)
Period of time: 30 minutes~
Participation fee: None (Free)

Sutra copying

Sutra copying (Shakyo), as the name implies, is the process of transcribing the sutras containing the teachings of Buddha. By carefully copying the sutras one character at a time, you will feel a sense of calmness, relaxation, and improved concentration. Please come and experience Shakyo, a ritual that has been passed down since the ancient Asuka period.

Date: Open any day
Place: Daitaiji Main Hall
Period of time:  30 minutes~
Participation fee: ¥1,000 (We will provide the necessary supplies such as paper)

Morning Porridge

Morning porridge is served as a meal at the temple. Warm porridge is known to improve blood circulation and metabolism, making you healthy from the inside out.
We will guide you how to eat in a way unique to Zen temples; a way to feel and appreciate the value of the life you receive through a meal.

Date: Open any day
Place: Daitaiji Main Hall
Period of time:  About 30 minutes
Participation fee: ¥1,500 (Includes meal)

※ The number of participants is limited due to the temple’s schedule, so please ask us in advance.