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  3. Modesty: A Key to Establish the World Harmony

Modesty: A Key to Establish the World Harmony

Now all of us in the world are suffering from coronavirus disease. I have mainly prayed for people who unfortunately passed away to rest in peace in the morning prayer service. In the long history of the human race, people used to have this kind of pandemic many times, and some of them were much stronger than we have now but they were totally over in the end.

We can see fresh light green leaves in early May, which are so beautiful now. We still need to keep this virus in mind but it is going to be all right soon.

I guess we need just some more months to go.

Takayama Economy

Hida-Takayama’s economy has strongly depended on the tourist industry, especially inbound tourists. We have also accepted international guests for a couple of years and they always enjoy experiencing and learning Japanese traditional culture.

We will continue to focus on introducing them to our traditional culture but now we have got a chance to spend more time with local residents and domestic tourists as well.

To The Next Generation

Now so many people especially those living in metropolitan areas tend to lose traditional manners. When I was in Koyasan, I met some elderly tourists who behaved inappropriately in temples. I was totally surprised to see that they did not know common traditional manners, and felt a sense of danger that most people will lose national identity in the near future. To keep our tradition in our minds and hand it down to the next generation, I think we need to give them more chances to learn and inherit it.

Modesty and Harmony

I think modesty is one of the highest virtues in Japan and this is the most important factor to learn Japanese culture. People always try to behave appropriately not to bother others.

Comparing to the other cultures in the world, some people say this kind of Japanese mentality is quite naive but makes society stable on the other hand.

Discussing, negotiating, and understanding: that is the typical way of communication in Europe. However, people in Japan always try to read first what you think to build a good relationship, not telling you what they would like to say. I think you still remember people’s good behavior even though they were in deep sadness of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011.

They just behaved in a natural manner although it was quite unique and rare in the world. Now people in Japan have to know its historical and cultural background. To establish world harmony, I believe the cultural stability of Japan will be a good hint for people in the world. I really hope many international guests and local residents are getting together in the morning prayer service and make good communication with each other. That would be a wonderful time for us all someday in the near future.