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  3. To Keep Our Mental and Physical Health

To Keep Our Mental and Physical Health

Every morning, just a few minutes before I start chanting sutras at the main prayer hall, I always do some short rituals. I have done them for many years so that I can do them almost unconsciously such as my habit. These rituals are so meaningful that I can feel much better than before I do.

First, at the entrance to the main prayer hall, I always do the first one to get rid of evil from my body and mind. Then soon after I finish three bows in front of the main Buddha on the sacred altar, I take a seat and do some more rituals to purify my body and soul. It takes just a few minutes. Probably nobody can notice that, it totally looks like I just keep silent. Here are some steps telling you briefly.

First, what I need to do is breathing out from my mouth very slowly with exhaling evil mind and memories, and next breathing in all fresh and purified air of this mountainous area of Hida-Takayama. Monks always try to feel the power of nature and experience oneness. That means almost the same as doing meditation. The fundamental concept of Japanese culture is very close to animism in the stone age.
I think all of us can have a chance to feel the power of nature here in Hida-Takayama. I strongly recommend you to visit here in the near future.

Guests Different Than Usual

By the way, I have had some guests from outside in the morning service lately: not only staff members on days off and neighbors, but also international tourists who are almost impossible to go back to their countries right now and some remote workers. I am quite happy spending time with them and really appreciate them visiting us.

And I also started YouTube live streaming about two weeks ago. A few people seem to enjoy watching it and sometimes gave me some nice messages. The current situation of this temple has been totally changed compared to regular seasons.


To Keep Being Normal

However, there is only one thing that has never been changed; “Trying to keep our mind calm and peace” is the key phrase that we always need to remember. Moreover, it is the best phrase we have to keep in our minds right now under the severe condition of anxiety. Buddhism always tells us that we should keep normal no matter what happens to us. The current situation has probably given us a chance to remind simple ways of living in nature. Although it is surely impossible for us to get back to life in the stone age, it is possible to wake up and keep it in our minds even in this modern technological age. Having a connection to nature and respecting its power is what we have to do first from now to keep our body and mind healthy.

Joining the prayer service is going to be a good hint for your health. Short rituals before starting the service always remind me to keep being normal and healthy.