<Dinner> Kuromine Shamo (chicken) Full Course

A whole chicken, an extremely rare game that has been carefully raised at the local Hasugamine farm will be prepared. In this course, each part of the chicken is cooked in a different way.

Saikyo steamed shanks

Thigh meat salad, chicken breast with mustard and vinegared miso, chicken tenderloin with shredded dried plum, neck skin served with local vegetables

Rare cuts on a hot stone

Hassun – Served on a cedar tray (chicken egg yolk marinated in miso, teriyaki chicken wings, smoked chicken tenderloin, sous vide chicken breast, thigh, and liver)

White broth soup with chicken meatballs

Green tea and hojicha, straw warabimochi (starch dumpling)

<Breakfast> Breakfast set with local ingredients

We use fresh and delicious ingredients like locally grown rice and vegetables, and fish and salt from neighboring towns. Please enjoy your meal on lacquerware handed down from generation to generation within Shourekiji Temple, beautifully restored with Japanese Urushi lacquer.
Depending on the weather, you can enjoy breakfast on the deck immersed in nature.

*If you have any food allergies, please let the facility know ahead of time when making your reservation.

Beer, sake, other alcoholic beverages, and soft drinks, etc., will be provided at dinner (for an extra charge). Please inquire for the details of the menu.

We can also prepare vegetarian dishes instead of poultry dishes for dinner. Please let us know ahead of time if you wish to have this option. For preparation purposes, if you request these changes, we ask that members of the group change their meal. Thank you for your understanding.

Thoughts on Food

All living creatures great and small. Living creatures like cows, pigs, chickens, fish, and shellfish that we can see moving. Even each individual blade of grass that is difficult to see is filled with life. To survive, we take in these lives and use them as energy for ourselves to live. This is a natural part of the cycle of life.
However, I believe that we can live a more meaningful life if we recognize the dignity of life in them and receive with appreciation, rather than just taking them thoughtlessly. This is because our bodies are made up of many lives, and our minds are made up even more of thoughts.

Chief Priest Koshin Tamagawa


In the extensive grounds of the temple, there are many bounties of nature through the seasons such as bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, Japanese peppers (prickly-ash), plums, pears, persimmons, and yuzu citrus fruit, etc. In addition, every day we receive vegetables, etc., from the neighboring parishioners and believers who say, “We’ve got some good vegetables.” Please enjoy the circle of the great earth, and the circle of people who live together with the soil.

Upon arrival you will be served with cake and tea, and an evening meal with dessert 「Goodies
Shamo「Hasugamine Farm