The story of the history of the troupe

  Daitaiji Temple

Founded XNUMX years ago

  Yakushi sacred place

Wakayama Chinachiura Town
Daitaiji Temple


The peace era has now arrived
Taitaiji Temple is one of the most famous temples in Japan.

History, nature, and the passage of time.
Tadano's unique charm
A constant parent's performance.

1. A temple with a history of 1200 years

Founded 1200 years ago.A statue of a Buddha has existed in history for 400 years, and a giant pottery warrior has arrived.

2. Forest-like vocal sounds of zazen meditation

A formal zazen experience enjoyed in the temples of Buddhist temples in Zen Buddhism.Sensing meditation, feeling the peace of mind.

3. Sensing World Kumano Kodo

Kumano Kodo is a unified national curriculum organization that is the default world heritage.Is it the thought of an ancient person who feels the same as he or she walks?

Residence in temple temple


The Eternal History of Hongu Ugang Rui Ikkoku

It is possible to choose from two types of ``guest hall'' and ``partial hall''.There is a large public space, and you are free to use the kitchen or the kitchen.

The monks also resided in the inn of Taitaiji Temple.Enjoy life in a different world with ordinary lodging and lodging.

About accommodation

Kanju Temple Temple


Experience the modern temple experience

Four incidents related to the teachings of Buddhism at Taitaiji Temple.

Through the experience of zazen meditation, the journey of visiting Buddha statues, the experience of photographing Buddhas and the early morning porridge experience, and the precious time of everyday life.

Guanyu Temple Experience

Shoshinko Changsei Workshop


New selection in the workshop

It is not an existing company, but it is also a new factory.Since the Jiang Jiang Dynasty, the local school has always played a role, and now the envoy is here, and this temple is a good place for Japanese studies.

Is it a meaningful time to create concentration and energy in a clean atmosphere?

Guanyu Temple Temple Works

Unmanned machine

chief priest's way of thinking

Daitaiji Temple Chief Priest Tokai Nishiyama

 This is the life of the people living in the temple.Children can play freely, adults can play any problems, and explore the beginnings of a monk's life.I hope that the lower gate will come to the owner of the temple.As far as I'm concerned, I started a guesthouse at this time.


 During my time in meditation, my goal was to focus on free thought, without any restrictions.The space and atmosphere of the Grand National Freedom Enjoyment Temple.He also enjoys zazen and Zen Buddhism temples.The beauty of the Buddha statue in front of the statue is serene and peaceful.Enjoying the music for a long time is also good.Every time we meet, we will have a beautiful time in our bodies and minds.

Guanyu New Coronary Virus Infection Strategy

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), we have established a global organization, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and other parties have issued guidelines, and we have taken corrective measures to ensure that our guests feel safe.For the time being, I will be contacting the trade union for the time being.Alcoholic beverages are used to disinfect the hands of the building during construction, and are free to use.