a temple
to work place

Changing your location will improve your work.
Some people have such experience
I think there are many.

Work at the temple.
Feeling the power of “place”
Work comfortably.

well-organized environment

Temple work is available not only as a day trip, but also as a set with overnight stay.It is also ideal for a one-night, two-day management training camp for groups.

Wi-Fi and power outlets are provided, as well as a kitchen, so you can work comfortably even for long days and days.

create concentration

Temples are also places to examine your soul.Here you will find an environment unique to Taitaiji, such as meditation and zazen in nature.

A work environment that is different from the usual can be expected to generate new ideas and lead to unknown ideas.

The power of “place”

Workation (combined with accommodation)

Plans where you can work while staying at a temple are popular.Especially after working early in the morning, you may be able to concentrate with a clearer head than usual.
*For more information, please contact us from the contact page.

Day use (for conference use during the day)

Of course, you can also use it for a day trip.Please consider holding a meeting or training camp in a unique location such as the main hall, guest hall, or Zendo!
*For more information, please contact us from the contact page.