A sacred site founded
1200 years ago

Unique history, nature, and the flow of time -
Come visit to experience the special charm of this temple.


1. 1200 years of history

Founded 1200 years ago, the temple welcomes you with precious Buddhist statues and a giant 400-year-old tree.

2. Feel the sounds of the forest through Zen meditation

Have an authentic Zen meditation and experience its true meaning of calming your mind and gaining awareness here at Daitaiji.

3. Experience the World Heritage Kumano Kodo

Daitaiji is located along the Kumano Kodo, a pilgrimage trail recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Experience the historic trail that has been shaped by the prayers of people since ancient times.

Stay at a Temple


Spend a moment in a historic temple

There are two types of rooms available in Daitaiji. The common space is spacious and you are free to use facilities such as the kitchen and tables.
Pets are also welcome at both the lodgings and the campground. Why not make your accommodation a chance to experience life at a temple?

About Accommodation

Feel the temple


Experiencing the present moment

At Daitaiji Temple, you can experience four Buddhist rituals: Zen meditation, Buddha statue tours, Sutra copying, and rice porridge breakfasts - all guided by the chief priest. Rest your mind and soul through these special experiences.

About Temple Experiences

Work at a Temple


A New Workplace Option

Bored of offices, home, or cafes? How about a temple as a new place to work? Since the Edo period, temples used to be locations for local schools, and are still great places for work and study.

Daitaiji may be the ideal location for you to focus and be productive.

About the Workplace

Take A Drone Tour

Words from the Chief Priest

Chief Priest Tomi Nishiyama

What is ZEN? Zen is not only meditation. It's a training of your mind. Through Zen, you can free your mind.
A simple and flexible way of life like clouds in the sky.
The water on the river streams along its way.
Don't cling to anything.
No hatred. No greed. No envy. We try to become a part of nature.
That is ZEN and Daitaiji is a gate to ZEN.

As Daitaiji is a historical temple along Kumano Kodo, pilgrims of Kumano Kodo have visited this temple for 1200 years. Come visit the temple and see the Buddhist statues and trees – take in the scenery that many pilgrims have traveled to see over the past centuries. Daitaiji is one of the most unique temples in Japan. Please come stay and experience the charm of Daitaiji.

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