At Taitaiji Temple
つ い て

Daitaiji Temple

Saicho, the founder of Mt. Hiei,
Opened about XNUMX years ago
One of the best medicine sacred sites in the Nanki region.

Famous for Nachi Falls
In Nachikatsuura Town, Wakayama Prefecture
Daitaiji Temple is located.

 to history
listen carefully


Daitaiji is a 1200-year-old temple built by Saicho, the founder of Mt. Hiei, along the Kumano Kodo.

According to the history of the temple, Taitaiji was founded when Saicho carved Yakushi Nyorai from a willow tree and enshrined it in order to ward off a large snake that was tormenting the local people.

Nowadays, it is known to many people as one of the best medicine sacred sites in the Nanki region.

Buddha statue

Daitaiji Temple has Buddhist statues from each period: Heian, Kamakura, Muromachi, and Edo.

The principal image of the Buddha, Yakushi Nyorai, has an inscription dating back to 1156 and is painted with gold paint, which was the most advanced coloring at the time.This precious Buddha statue has been designated as a national important cultural property.

In addition, you can learn about the scenery and prosperity of each era from each Buddha statue.


Taitaiji began as a temple of the Tendai sect, and while it has many Buddhist statues, it converted to the Rinzai sect after Kishu became one of the three Tokugawa families in the Edo period.

Zen temples are generally famous for their ink paintings and gardens, and there are very few that have large numbers of Buddhist statues.On the other hand, there are not many esoteric Buddhist temples where you can admire many ink paintings and gardens.

Taitaiji is a rare temple that combines the characteristics of an esoteric Buddhist temple and a Zen temple, where you can admire many Buddhist statues, as well as appreciate ink paintings and experience zazen.


Daitaiji Temple stands on an independent hillside created by the Ota River, which originates from the same Nachi Virgin Forest as the World Heritage Site Nachi Falls.There are few houses around and there are few lights, so on clear nights, the sky is filled with stars.

And an orchestra of insects echoes from the forest.Taitaiji Temple is surrounded by large trees that are over XNUMX years old.The nature of Nachikatsuura Town is also one of the major elements that make up Taitaiji.