A temple that weaves history

Daitaiji Temple

Founded XNUMX years ago

  Yakushi sacred place

Nachikatsuura Town, Wakayama Prefecture
Daitaiji Temple


From the Heian period to the present,
Taitaiji Temple has always fascinated people.

History, nature, and the passage of time.
The charm that can only be found here
Please experience it for yourself.

1200. A temple with XNUMX years of history

Founded 1200 years ago.Historically valuable Buddhist statues and a giant 400-year-old Shii tree will welcome you.

2. Zazen experience where you can feel the sounds of the forest

Experience authentic zazen at a Zen temple.Experience the real thrill of Zen, which calms your mind and brings awareness.

XNUMX. Feel the World Heritage Kumano Kodo

Located along the Kumano Kodo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Would you like to follow the thoughts of ancient people?

stay at a temple


Spend a moment at a historic temple

There are two types of lodgings to choose from: ``kyakuden'' and ``annex.''The common space is large, and you can use the kitchen and table freely.

Pets are also allowed to stay at Daitaiji's lodgings and campgrounds.Enjoy living at a temple, which is a little different from regular accommodation.

About our temple inns

feel the temple


A temple experience where you can feel the moment

At Daitaiji Temple, you can experience four experiences deeply related to Buddhism.

Please spend a valuable time that is different from your daily life through zazen experience, Buddhist statue viewing tour, sutra copying experience, and morning porridge experience.

About the temple experience

Turn a temple into a workplace

働 く

New options for your workplace

A new workplace that is neither a company nor a home nor a cafe.Temples have played the role of local temple schools since the Edo period, and even today they are a great environment for work and study.

Why not concentrate in the clean air and create a productive time?

About temple work

drone video

Thoughts of the chief priest

Daitaiji Temple Chief Priest Tokai Nishiyama

 Temples were once a part of people's lives.Children played freely, and adults came to consult the priest if they had any problems.I want everyone to become familiar with temples by lowering the barrier that has become so high over time.With that in mind, I started a guesthouse.


 Zen aims to look at things with free thinking and without fixed ideas.Everyone is welcome to enjoy the space and atmosphere of the temple in their own free way.You can also experience zazen meditation or breakfast at a Zen temple.You can also join hands quietly in front of the beautiful Buddha statue.It would be nice to enjoy the profound bells.We promise you a wonderful time that will clear your body and mind.

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