• Vision
    Making the environment with thoughtful service to be healthy in mind, body and spirit, from Japan to the world.
  • Mission
    The Quest for Inner
    Joy In Japanese Temples
  • Our Business
    Operating a business to revitalize the region, using “stays and experiences” at temples as tourism with symbolic Japan learning.
    Develop and provide special experiences that make use of the environment and history of temples.

Our Service

We propose various solutions according to the potential and challenges of the temple.


ZEN CLOUD HOTEL provide to guests “stay at the temple while staying at home” and “create new habits for well-being”.
Now and Here. Journey to your inner temple on-line.


Staying at temple over night is the most unforgettable and impressive experience.

Workation(work and vacation) at OTERA, Japanese temple. Historic and cultural space for well being stay and Revolutionary workspace.


City noise. Every day passes by in a moment.
Complexed human relationships.
Such time,
Just stop once,
To have a good time from tommorow
Cleanse the mind and body
Once leave complicated things, and have a time to spend your time quietly.
Once leave daily life, and feel your breathing.
It makes you smile
gives you power to go back to place where you were.
All we know that the temple is the place to cleanse the mind and body.
We provide a place where all the guests can cleanse themselves through Japanese temples.

Team Member

The business professionals with the unique backgrounds and special monks required to operate innovated temple business form a powerful organization.

  • Mai Sato

    Mai Sato

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Naoko Unryuin

    Naoko Unryuin

    Promotion, PR

  • Hiroyuki Atarashi

    Hiroyuki Atarashi

    Finance, Business development

  • Hiroshi Ueda

    Hiroshi Ueda

    HR, Business Development

  • Yoko Tanigaki

    Yoko Tanigaki

    Producer, Ex-president of Hotel chain

  • Genjyun Kondo

    Genjyun Kondo

    Advisor, Monk

  • Kaiji Yamamoto

    Kaiji Yamamoto

    Operation, Monk

  • Masaharu Suzuki

    Masaharu Suzuki

    Business Development, Operation

  • Daniel Charleton-Guitteaud

    Daniel Charleton-Guitteaud

    Executive Advisor

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